The Lifebridge Advantage is the fundamental philosophy and methodology that underpins our organisational arrangements and all our daily activities and interactions with staff and customers. Based on the Montessori philosophy and the strengths based approach of positive psychology it manifests as both our service delivery model as well as our organisational culture and the way we do things around here.

Montessori is an approach supporting the full development of the human being. Originally developed as a learning approach for children with a disability based on self-directed, hands on activity in a collaborative environment; it has subsequently been adapted for people of all ages, including the development of techniques for working alongside people with dementia.

Based on the human rights principles of Respect, Dignity, Independence, Choice, Self Determination and Self Realisation it underpins both the service delivery model for our customers as well as our values and the organisational design and culture we wish to imbed.

Positive Psychology Videos

Below you will find a selection of videos that each demonstrate what the Lifebridge Advantage is based on, respect, kindness, dignity, independence, choice, self determination and Self Realisation.

Check back to this page from time to time as we add new content to inspire you.

Kindness Boomerang

The Enlightening Ride

What Makes Life Meaningful

Happy Secret to Better Work

Striving for Positivity