The Lifebridge Advantage is the fundamental philosophy and methodology that underpins our organisational arrangements and all our daily activities and interactions with staff and customers.  Based on the Montessori philosophy and the strengths based approach of positive psychology it manifests as both our service delivery model as well as our organisational culture and the way we do things around here.

Montessori is an approach supporting the full development of the human being.  Originally developed as a learning approach for children with a disability based on self-directed, hands on activity in a collaborative environment; it has subsequently been adapted for people of all ages, including the development of techniques for working alongside people with dementia


Based on the human rights principles of Respect, Dignity, Independence, Choice, Self Determination and Self Realisation it underpins both the service delivery model for our customers as well as our values and the organisational design and culture we wish to imbed.

All philosophies need a solid foundation upon which to be built. This allows for innovation and continuous improvement whilst remaining true to purpose and organisational values.  The foundation for the Lifebridge Advantage is the Lifebridge Australia values of: excellence, trust, professionalism, innovation, respect, integrity. It also encompasses the principles of the Montessori approach.

Montessori has been used in Lifebridge Australia since 2005, specifically within Aged Care Services.  It was primarily introduced as an evidence based, therapeutic method for engaging with people who had a dementia. The model proved to be a success for customers, with added benefits for employees and volunteers and in 2016 was endorsed by the Lifebridge Board for use across the organisation.

It was from this decision that Lifebridge Advantage began to be developed.  Lifebridge Advantage has taken the Montessori approach and principles of positive psychology and developed its own unique philosophy that applies to employees, volunteers and customers equally.

When we create the right environment, we create the best opportunity for customers and employees to realise their full potential within the business scope of the organisation.

The Montessori approach is grounded in human rights principles such as respect, dignity, independence and choice.  It is also based on the observation that people often gain skills and perform according to society’s attitudes towards them. Creating an environment that supports and encourages the belief that every person has a valuable contribution to make to their community will optimise performance.

Lifebridge believes that as a unique community, it is our obligation to create the environment and opportunities for everyone to continue learning and growing.  Through building capacity, we are working with people to build their confidence and skill base. This then leads to opportunities for greater inclusion and true integration with the wider community.

In addition, if an environment can be created that fully supports living and learning through independent activity then two more human rights are achieved: self-determination and self-realisation.

Human beings are constantly seeking meaning and purpose to their lives. They are motivated because they have a basic need to succeed in what they consider to be worthwhile activities that offer the right level of stimulation and challenge for them.  The environment, support and assistance provided should act as an enabler for each person rather than be perceived as an enforcer.

When you join Lifebridge Australia, no matter who you are, what your role is or what your capacity, you join a community that will support and encourage you to continue learning, growing and optimising your abilities and potential.