Tom and Dawn

Lifebridge Meal Preparation Services gives us something to look forward to and the best part about it is the social aspect of the whole experience.  It allows us to continue enjoying the dishes that we grew up with and love.  We love talking and having a laugh with Kylie and we are all very comfortable with each other.

– Tom and Dawn


In July I was lucky enough to be taken to Sydney University by Dr Karl, and introduced to some physicists and scientists who are working on anti – matter, among other things. I was able to spend time in the Physics Lab with these scientists, who have offered to mentor me until I reach Sydney Uni in a few years. It is thanks to Lifebridge that I was able to get to Sydney. Because of that visit, I now have people I can talk to about my ideas, who will be as excited by them as I am, and will understand me. So Thank you Lifebridge for helping me to begin this partnership with Sydney University.

– Arlo.

Visual Arts Program

I am proud and honoured to be a part of the Lifebridge Visual Arts Program, it is not about your disability, it is about your ability and about encouraging you to be good at what you can do. To really enjoy art at our beautiful art gallery where we sell amazing artworks in a great community.

– Jocelyn

Giving Back Group - Disability Services

The “Giving Back” group is excellent and is all about spending quality time feeding the homeless in the park. It is a good thing because I am being helpful and caring and it is a good feeling.

– Robert

I feed the homeless and I love it.  I cut up the fruit and help with the bread.  I really like working with the other volunteers, it makes me happy.

– Daniel