The Cottage Social Groups


Our Cottage in Kingscliff offers social groups where customers are supported to engage in social and lifestyle activities of personal interest, meaning and value, and also to experience the pleasure of fulfilment gained by having a purpose in life.

The Cottage provides an enabling environment to support you to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible. Share life experiences and develop friendships through engagement in small group activity or pursue individual opportunities for self-growth and maintaining cognitive wellness.

At our Cottage Social Groups you will get to:

  • Socialise and make new friends
  • Spend time in a relaxed supportive environment
  • Play games
  • Learn new skills – how to use an iPad or computer, how to use technology to stay in contact with family and friends via email and Facebook, digital photography
  • Gardening
  • Knit, crochet or engage in other craft activities
  • Sing and dance

Time: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 4pm
Venue: The Cottage, Kingscliff