CEO Update – May 2017

As we draw closer to the NDIS, the Lifebridge pre-planning sessions have increased and I am pleased to report they are receiving positive feedback from participants. Those who have already been through the planning process have reported that the plans helped and gave them a direction for the things they should be thinking about and asking for.

One of the key differences between the NDIS and the current system will be the relationship that each of our customers has with the organisation.  Now, each customer has a Support Co-ordinator who is available throughout the working week to provide information and assistance. The value of this relationship is particularly evident when a family has a change in circumstances. Some things can be sorted out very quickly where as other situations require a lot more time and organising.

Under the NDIS, co-ordinator’s will no longer be able to dedicate hours of extra time to assisting families and individuals. Lifebridge staff will only be able to provide the services (and hours) that are agreed to in your plan and the new service agreement that you will sign with Lifebridge. Any extra time or service required will need to be worked out using your plan or referred to a Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

This is a significant difference for many of our customers and certainly for our staff. That is why, determining what you are likely to need and being prepared so that you ask for all reasonable and necessary services is so essential.

Lifebridge will always work alongside our families and individual customers to ensure that they receive the best services and opportunities wherever possible.

However, the best place to start is at the beginning. Be prepared and let’s ensure your first plan is the best plan it can be.