Meet Jess

In 2009, after finishing High-School, Jess made the choice to join the Lifebridge community. A decision she has enjoyed ever since. At that time, Jess joined Lifebridge because of some of the fantastic day programs on offer, what she didn’t expect, was all the friends she would make along the way.

Jess came to Lifebridge with a goal to one day own her very own café and each day she works towards achieving that goal as well as, having some fun. One of her favourite activities has been participating in the Photography group, which has now become a real passion and hobby for Jess. She has created her own Facebook page – Jessie J Photography and has even started selling a few photos. With this new-found interest Jess is keen to also display and sell her photographs through her café.

Jess has completed a Certificate I in Hospitality and is currently doing her Certificate II in Hospitality. From here Jess aims to gain some work experience within the Hospitality Industry to help set herself up.

Jess’ journey isn’t quite black and white however, and some days are hard.

“There are a lot of people who attend Lifebridge and a lot of personalities. We argue sometimes, and don’t always agree but we always remain friends. This teaches me how to problem solve, be sympathetic towards my friends, and understand that nobody is perfect and everybody has a bad day. I love to be helpful and listen to my friends when they are not having a good day. It’s nice to share my problems with my friends also.” Said Jess.

Jess lives by a motto, as stated on one of her favourite shirts, which you may have even see on some of Lifebridge’s communications, ‘I’m not perfect, I’m just awesome’. This sums her up perfectly.

Jess loves life. She is passionate, hardworking, honest, kind, helpful and busy, very busy. She enjoys keeping fit, boxing and swimming as well as bike riding and gym. She’s also in our All Sports group.

Jess plays in a band. She enjoys playing the drums and loves her solos. The band even tour around the Gold Coast and local areas.

“I’m fiercely competitive and you will find me at Tweed-Coolangatta Ten Pin Bowling alley all day on a Saturday playing and socialising with my friends”. Said Jess.

After a busy week, I love sleeping in on Sunday’s and playing my Xbox and just hanging out at home with my family, our two dogs and my cat Biscuit.

You may not know this, but Jess is also a feature on our Radio commercial. Jess challenges herself and with determination sets out to achieve her goals.

Jess' Story