Lifebridge understands that your NDIS Goals are the things that are important to you and what you want to achieve in your life. Setting goals gets you to places you want to go – it turns your dreams into reality! Learning to set goals for yourself is important right throughout life and it helps you shape your future. Some goals might be big and take a time to get there, other goals may be small and short term.  That is why our Social and Community Participation programs are now in 12- week modules. This allows you to have improved choice over what you do and allows you to try a range of new activities, or you can simply continue with the activities that you have been doing – It’s up to you!  Lifebridge is all about delivering services that correspond with what you want to achieve for yourself in the future.

As part of our continuous improvement program, at the end of each 12 week module, we will also gather feedback about how we went, what we could do better, what other activities should we include and if participants are happy with the quality of our service.  It’s all about listening to what our customers want to achieve.  This feedback helps to improve our programs and improve the services we provide.


We understand that the NDIS is about you having choices and that the funding in your individual plan needs to be used in a way that links to a goal written in your NDIS plan. Lifebridge is here to support you to meet your NDIS goals including:

Becoming more independent

Improving Health and Fitness

Socializing and making new friends

Job Ready or Volunteering

Learning Something New

Developing communications skills


The Lifebridge Social and Community Participation Programs are all about getting out and about, meeting new people and trying new things.  The NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary supports in order for a person to pursue their goals and aspirations.  Every 12 weeks participants can choose another range of activities or continue with the activities they have been doing – it’s totally their choice.

Monday – 9am to 3pm

Games Group – Start the week by warming up with the Games Group. Your Quiz Show Host and Games Guru, Catherine will provide you with a delicate balance of indoor and outdoor games.

After all, we all love some fun and games!

Cooking with Linda – Let Linda expertly guide you through a 12-week cooking program including menu design, finding the finest local produce, meal preparation, fine dining, safety in the kitchen and enjoying your Michelin Star meal at the end of each day.

Tuesday – 9am to 3pm

Get Arty with Rachel – Let Rachel guide you through a 12 week program of fine arts, water marbling, art, card making and building your own lava lamps.

Fishing Adventures with Linda – From the many rivers, estuaries, and secret fishing spots of the Tweed Coast Linda will take you to all the fishing hot spots.

Active Living – Enjoy a rich and exciting day of lifestyle activities including exercise, cultural pursuits, adventure and outings with your Cultural advisor, Greg.

Wednesday – 9am to 3pm

Living Your Life – An eclectic mix of lifestyle activities including cooking, exercise, community and social engagement all aimed at supporting you to meet your individual NDIS goals.

Girl Power – Let the Lifebridge Ladies, led by Robbie, show to you all ‘How Girls just wanna have fun!”.  A healthy mix of gym, movies, bike riding, physical activities and cultural engagement.

Thursday – 9am to 3pm

The Social Club – Let the Lifebridge socialites, Toni and Rachel share with you a 12-week program of the arts, sports, fine food, cultural visits and places of interest.

Us the Band – Singing, Music and Rhythm – Let your multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist tutor, Jannah guide you through a new and eclectic program of dance, singing and rhythm and movement.

Friday – 9am to 3pm

Sports Club – Let your personal trainers Amy, Sam, Linda and Sophie take you through a 12-week workout of sporting activities.

This new program has been meticulously designed with a diverse range of sporting pursuits including golf, lawn bowls, horse riding experience, table tennis, basketball and the Rock Hoppers Ramble Walk.

Why not end the week on a healthy and high note at the Friday Sports Group. Get Physical!

Weekends – various times

Weekend Adventures – Why not sign up for a range of new activities a little further afield like the Brisbane Museum, Art Galleries, Markets and Cultural events.

Sunday Sessions – Sunday Sessions are back – Music, Art and Culture.


To assist you in your NDIS Plan reviews, we will also provide you with progress updates.  These updates will allow you to demonstrate to the NDIS how you are progressing with your goals.  We will include a summary of supports provided to you; how the support has helped you to work towards your goals, any barriers that you may encountered during the plan period and adjustments made; risk identification and recommendation of additional supports, where required.


Over the past 12 months, we have adapted our services to the new reality. Lifebridge is a registered NDIS service provider and COVID safe business. We are committed to delivering quality services, while doing everything possible to protect customers, staff and community. Our COVID Safe Plan provides clear directions and obligations under Public Health orders, to minimize risk of transmission of COVID-19 in all of our activities.

If you would like to chat to someone about our NDIS Support Services, please fill in the details below and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.