Bring Your Goals to Life

Lifebridge understands that your goals are the things that are important to you and what you want to achieve in your life.

Some goals might be big and take some time to get there, while other goals may be small and short term.

Our redesigned Social and Community Participation Programs are all about delivering services that correspond with what you want to achieve for yourself now and in the future.

Here to Support you

We understand that the NDIS is about you having ‘choice and control’ and that the funding in your individual plan needs to be used in a way that links to your personal goals. Lifebridge is here to support you, to meet your NDIS goals including.

Becoming more independent

Improving your Health and Fitness

Socializing and making new friends

Job Ready or Volunteering

Learning Something New

Developing your communications skills

Social and Community Participation Program

This is why we have redesigned our Social and Community Participation Programs into 12 week modules.  This will allow participants to have improved choice over what they want to do and will allow participants to try a range of new activities.

Every twelve week participants will be able to choose another range of activities or simply continue with the activities they have been doing.

Accessible Arts

Accessible Arts have two (2) modules that you can choose from and are made up of a large variety of different activities and projects that will allow you to learn different skills.

Our Accessible Arts modules are on multiple times a week and at various locations so you won’t miss out.

Active Life

Active Life consists of five (5) different modules that can be chosen throughout the year and each module runs for three months so there is plenty of variety you can choose from.  All including active ways to increase fitness, health and wellbeing.

Make yourself feel good in a fun way!

Job Ready

Our Job Ready Module will provide you with the resources and skills to learn various things that will prepare you for the time you decide you would like a job.

The skills you acquire will help with job seeking, as well as you general life, so the benefits are plenty..


Lifestyle consists of three (3) modules that both teach and inspire through participation in activities that encourage you to be more independent and to live a healthy life.

Music and Culture

Music and Culture presently consists of three (3) modules that each explore the therapeutic benefits and sometimes energizing activities related to music, film and culture.

You can participate actively, for example band practice or karaoke, or sit back and enjoy live music sessions or films.

Social Days

Social Days contains four (4) modules that encourage interaction and fun activities with your friends and promotes friendships too.

Engage your mind, socialize and have fun in a supportive all-inclusive environment.

Reporting on your Goals

To assist you in your NDIS Plan reviews, we will also provide you with progress updates.  These updates will allow you to demonstrate to the NDIS how you are progressing with your goals.

We will include a summary of supports provided to you; how the support has helped you to work towards your goals, any barriers that you may encountered during the plan period and adjustments made; risk identification and recommendation of additional supports, where required.

If you would like to chat to someone about our NDIS Support Services, please fill in the details below and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.