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Aged Care Services

About Aged Services

Our Aged Care Services are tailored to you because we understand that everyone ages differently.

Each person’s personal circumstances, living and lifestyle factors are truly unique and are important considerations when designing your care.  We consider your needs, interests and goals and when the time is right for you, formulate a plan for your care that meets your needs and those of your family or carer.

At Lifebridge, we offer a tailored range of activities that are designed around your life experiences and interests. Each service is designed to provide engagement and purpose as well as strengthen your sense of value.

Our Aged Care services offer one-on-one support, group and community activities and provide you with the opportunity to develop friendships with like-minded individuals and the chance to share in great memories.

Our Approach

Each person is unique and we ensure that we design a tailored plan in conjunction with you to meet your individual needs. Our unique environment offers you support and the freedom to participate in the activities that provide you with purpose and that have meaning to you. We utilise and harness the skills and interests of you and support you to achieve your goals.

The Lifebridge Community is both welcoming and friendly and here you will be able to develop new friendships and extend your support network.

Our Service Programs

View our services online or download a copy of our Aged Care Service Guide to peruse at your own leisure

Cottage Based Programs

Engage in social and lifestyle activities of personal interest, that have meaning to you. Through our Cottage Based Programs you can participate in various group activities, challenge yourself and meet new people along the way.

Community Access Programs

Our Community Access Groups will enable you to re-engage with your local community, events and activities. Join others in a social environment, have fun and increase your independence.

Individualised 1:1 Support

Reach your personal goals with our individual support programs. These programs are designed with flexibility to suit your needs and circumstances.

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What our customers have to say

“Since attending Lifebridge, Klaus has become more motivated and has established a really good rapport with other customers. It’s so fantastic that Lifebridge has gotten to know Klaus and what his interests are. They provide all the supports that Klaus needs and the environment that he needs”.