Out & About

Get out and about in your local community, attend a range of local events and activities as chosen by the group. Participants are encouraged to express their ideas for places of interest to visit and events to attend as a group. Be part of your local community and broaden your social skills along the way.

Overnight Respite

Our In-Home Respite Service is very beneficial for the aged and people living with dementia as it maintains a familiar environment in which they are comfortable with. 

Living With Dementia Program

If you are living with early stage dementia or are a family carer for someone with dementia, you are welcome to join our early intervention program.

Wellness Support

Wellness emphasises a person's needs, aspirations and goals. It also acknowledges and builds on a person's strengths. Lifebridge offers individual support, with the focus on greater independence and quality of life.  We will support you to reach your personal goals and aspirations.

Reablement Support

Reablement is about assisting people to regain functionality capacity and improve independence.  Similar to rehabilitation, it is goal-orientated and aims at full recovery where possible.

The Cottage Social Groups

Our Cottage in Kingscliff offers social groups where customers are supported to engage in social and lifestyle activities of personal interest, meaning and value, and also to experience the pleasure of fulfilment gained by having a purpose in life.

Take A Break

Take a Break is social group for people who have a cognitive impairment diagnosis. Group members determine the locations they want to visit and the activities they want to do.

Community Access

Designed to offer a variety of fun activities, exciting places to visit and new connections, our Community Access Programs will help you to broaden your mind and increase your social circle.

Hip Ideas

HIP Ideas is designed to increase your independence, develop your communications skills and learn how to interact with fellow participants.

Tinker Shed

A shed has long been a part of Australian culture and if you look inside the Tinker Shed you will find participants restoring furniture, up-cycling items found at garage sales and markets or undertaking paid restoration work.Further your woodworking skills, learn about furniture restoration and possibly earn some extra cash