New website

Lifebridge Australia is proud to announce our brand new website which went live on 01/02/2017.

The much needed change to our online platform was driven by a need to provide an improved user experience that is friendly to our customers and all users alike. This change means users can now access the Lifebridge Australia website on mobile devices, experience a clearer navigation, view individual programs, access to more information… and much, much more.

CEO Bronwyn Mitchell said “the re-engineering of our website was absolutely paramount to increasing the profile of Lifebridge Australia. In time where there is so much change to funding and a greater emphasis placed on customer experience and services offered, this change was an easy decision to really highlight the services that Lifebridge offer”.

Users of the Lifebridge website will be able to view real-time program offerings and will be able to send through program specific enquires for an even faster response. This is just one of the ways Lifebridge is continually improving the customer service offered.

We are very excited to provide our customer with a responsive platform that’s easier to navigate and allows greater access to information.

Thank you for your continuing support and we trust you will enjoy your first mobile experience of the Lifebridge website.