Cooly Rocks On Parade Winners

On Saturday 12th June, 2017 Lifebridge once again participated in the Cooly Rocks on Street Parade.  Our float, themed on Elvis and Blue Hawaii was alive and vibrant with colour from front to back. On the front of the truck, ‘Aloha from Lifebridge’ greeted the public as we wove our way through the parade. A waterfall cascaded down over the back of the cab, the sides festooned with flowers, ‘Celebrating 30 years’ proudly on display and a giant teddy bear waving to the crowd.  Add “Us the Band” belting out some rockin’ tunes, 30 or so customers walking alongside, resplendent in 50’s inspired clothing and presto, we had a float bursting with enthusiasm, pride, inclusivity and a joy that is simply infectious…as proven a little later when we won the best float of the parade!

Fortunately, Mel Martin was still enjoying some Rockabilly when the winners were announced. Mel has been the creative and driving force behind our success in the 2017 parade. Organising and cajoling us in the Art Room since January, it was very fitting that she was the one available to accept the award.

News of our win spread fast. What had already been a fantastic, fun day quickly highlighted into a brilliant and exciting day!  Our ‘Winner’ trophy is now proudly on display in reception.

Of course, a well decorated float without music just wouldn’t happen. “Us the Band”, playing from the flatbed of the truck, rocked the crowds with their unique sound.

To see the delight on the faces in the crowd as they broke into spontaneous applause was a pleasure to behold. A very happy and proud Lifebridge crew, led by our own 3 Elvis’s walked, wheeled, danced, played and sang their way through the crowds.

Many thanks and great appreciation to the staff behind the scenes that made the day possible. A special shout out to Roachelle Hewitson, who not only backed us up throughout the process but spent many an hour behind a sewing machine tweaking our costumes.

The exposure Lifebridge gained amongst such a broad and varied audience was invaluable. They know us now…watch out Cooly Rocks On, we’ll be back!

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