CEO Update – July 2017

Almost one month into the NDIS and Lifebridge is beginning to see some activity. I would like to thank those customers who have contacted Lifebridge when you have received your NDIS plan. It is critical that you let us know when you have a plan. Lifebridge cannot provide service to you without a new signed service agreement. The sooner you notify Lifebridge the quicker we can meet with you to negotiate the terms of the agreement all of which will ensure a smooth transition from ADHC to the NDIS.

These are very exciting times and hold the potential for exploring new opportunities. Over the coming years, Lifebridge looks forward to working with each of you as we work towards the achievement of your life goals.

In order to do this we will be changing our business model and the way in which we deliver service. This is all in response to the NDIS and the Aged Care reforms, however, Lifebridge sees it as an opportunity to improve our services and improve the customer experience.


At this point in time, very little will change for our aged care customers. The Cottage at Kingscliff will continue to operate and services will continue as usual. Aged Care will continue to receive government funding which means that existing services will need to be maintained. However, we will be working with our customers to consider areas where improvements can be made and how we can change some of our activities to better meet customer need and improve the customer experience.

As part of this, Aged Care will be holding three information sessions regarding Home Care Packages and My Aged Care. I would encourage all customers to participate. Bring along a friend and learn about the changes; what it means to have a package and how you can access one.


As you would have read in the letter recently sent to you, Lifebridge will be closing Caloola next year. Although this is a major change, it will bring greater opportunity for community inclusion and accessing mainstream amenities. It will reduce the time and expense that can be consumed by unnecessary travel and allow more time to focus on achieving goals.

Where a centre or a base is required we will be establishing community HUBS. Having smaller teams operating in the community will mean that we can respond more quickly to team requests and to individual goals. Solutions can be developed between customers and staff almost immediately as each team takes responsibility for its own operations based on NDIS plans and goals.  As teams are relocated and begin to operate under the NDIS, you will be contacted and the changes explained and discussed with you. As always, your suggestions and ideas are always welcome. You can always contact your service manager for further information or provide feedback through our website

These are very exciting times for both the disability sector and aged care. Thank you for working with us as our partners as we navigate these changes together.