Group Integration Mystery Road Trip

Saturday, 6th November 2021 saw the commencement of the group integration model (combining NDIS and Aged Care customers) on a ‘Mystery Road Trip’.
‘Mystery’ was the enduring theme of the day with Car bingo, trivia and other surprises.  Integration activities only targets customers (50 years and over), they are not aimed at our younger Lifebridge customers.

Due to public demand ‘Mystery Road Trip 2 hit the road on Saturday, 4th December 2021.  The ‘Mystery Road Trips’ will continue right throughout 2022!

Staff Member Warren Hanley provided the following account of Mystery Road Trip 2.

We woke to a beautiful sunny day creating a positive vibe for our second exciting integrated group mystery tour day out.

After successfully picking up all participants we enjoyed the picturesque journey through the hinterland to our first mystery destination – the Crystal Creek Cafe where the staff were very helpful and accommodating. There is an order at the counter process which was all part of the fun for the group coming up and, with a little support, ordering their own choice of drinks and snacks.

For our enjoyment, carafes of beautiful crystal creek water were supplied to our table, it was so nice to have water straight from the source. From our relaxed position perched straight above the creek, everyone thoroughly enjoyed conversations and laughter. The lovely Sophie and Jannah took some happy snaps.
We all worked off our morning tea by with a little bit of exercise by taking one of the short walks along the creek to the amenities down the back of the cafe and spotted turtles and a friendly water dragon lizard sunning himself on the rock.

Before departure our trivia games were introduced, which once again were a hit with participants busy searching out their targets. We ventured on another majestic drive through the mountains and rain forest out the back of Murwillumbah through the village of Uki to our second destination, the gorgeous Crams Farm Reserve where many a positive comment was expressed with the rolling hills, waterway and Mount Warning backdrop.

With assistance from group members we donned the tables with their covers and prepared our delicious barbecue lunch which consisted of a generous range of salads and meats. Everyone delighted in their lunch before finishing off with some Tiramisu Ice cream slices for desert.  We created some really fun group photos with Jannah suggesting a great spot with the glory of Mount Warning as a backdrop.

After loading up the buses for departure it was unanimous a drive by the lake viewing area at the bottom of the property was a good idea so off we went on our return journey via the lake through the rain forests and creeks, valleys and ranges safely returning all our wonderful guests to their homes.  Our guests showed their elation for a great day out with all looking forward to next time, our third Integrated social group mystery day out. Bring on the fun times!

Big thanks to the team for a well planned, thoroughly enjoyable, safe day of mystery and trivia.

For more Information on the new Integrated Services activities, feel free to call Janelle Egas or Andrew Weir on 1800 043 186.