Move to the Groove Dance Program

Move to the Groove was launched in February 2018, to a budding group of Aged Care customers. The program explores a range of different dance styles and songs led by group participants, professionally choreographed, to create free-flowing purposeful dance in which everyone can engage. A hands-on and light-hearted approach to teaching, facilitates the needs of the group in a way that encourages all participants to give it a go. Participants also enjoy a light morning tea and lunch to keep their energy levels up as they groove the day away.

In short period the program has been running, participants are already experiencing positive changes in their overall well-being. The benefits of which affect the individual, but also the support network that surrounds that person.

Participants in the program are over 65 years of age, and experience a range of conditions including dementia, isolation, mobility restrictions, depression and more. While Move to the Groove is a group program, the nature of the activity is fundamentally supported at an individual level. Each person’s approach and learning capacity is different and our delivery supports each individual to ensure they are following along.

One customer in our program has Early Onset Dementia and, in the beginning, struggled to adopt any of the movements of the program. We provided him with visual props, got him counting the beat of the song, gave names to each of the steps and guided him with each of the movements. Within just 3 weeks, he was doing the steps all on his own.

Eye-to-eye contact is important, and if participants are not getting the movements, we do the movement with them, so they can learn the action. We also like to keep the program fun and engaging and we’re often quite silly with the participants and make sure they are all having a laugh.

It’s important our customers are happy in what they’re doing. This improves their overall well-being.

Customers who have previously been isolated, suffering from depression, who have dementia are happier, more engaged and are starting to take care of their well-being again.

Move to the Groove Program Overview

Waking up the body

Before we begin dancing, we wake up the body with Tai Chi influenced movements with a ballet twist. Slowly the participants stretch their muscles as they move from one exercise to another. As the participants warm up, we encourage the group to concentrate on their breathing for improved oxygen flow throughout the body.

Morning Tea

After the warm up, we take a light breather and enjoy morning tea. It is important participants are hydrated and well nourished to maintain energy throughout the program.

Seated Choreography

Here the group comes together to develop the movements and choose the songs for this weeks dancing. The choreography is developed from the groups suggestions and timed with their music choices. This part of the program is done seated. It allows participants to be engaged, learn the movements and move freely without hesitation.


Once the choreography is developed and everyone is practiced, we pause for lunch. The group enjoy a meal together and prepare for the floor work.

Floor Work

It’s time to dance. Dance taught on the chair is transferred to standing. Participants move as a group, grooving to their songs.

Move to the Groove is a highly engaging, social and collaborative dance program for the Aged. The program exercises the body and the brain delivering therapeutic benefits to our participants.

By getting up and moving about, the body releases Endorphins which triggers a sense of euphoria, providing a fresh, happy and positive outlook on life.

Additionally, the program is very social. Participants are engaged with one another and enjoy sharing the experience with each other. They are supportive and celebrate each other’s successes. It’s something they really look forward to each week.

To find out more about our Move to the Groove program contact Lifebridge on 1800 043 186.

Move to the Groove