Something fishy is going on

Creating and maintaining an environment where living things can thrive can have a wonderful flow-on effect for our staff, volunteers and customers, which is why we have added the stunning addition of a fish pond to our Cottage Garden.

From the soothing sounds of rippling water to the calming nature of fish swimming in and out of the reeds, the fish pond will bring a quiet moment of contemplation for all to enjoy. Ponds invite native biodiversity to create a beautiful little ecosystem and attract wildlife like birds, bees, dragonflies and frogs which may make our pond their home. Butterflies and birds pollinate the garden and control pest populations as well.

A huge thank you goes to Bunnings Tweed Heads who, as part of their Hands-on support program, donated the pond and all the necessary pumps etc to Lifebridge.

This donation was made possible by Jack Blades, who thought of the idea in the first place and submitted our application to Bunnings. A huge thank you for your help Jack.

A huge thank you also goes to Ben Simpson and Damien O’Neill who provided the manpower to get the pond into place in the garden. It is not quite finished yet as there are still some additions to add but when it is finished it will be a beautiful addition to our Cottage Garden.

With a little help from our friends we can achieve wonderful things that will provide joy to our staff, customers and volunteers and that is something worth celebrating so great job everyone!