Dot Celebrates a Century

Amid cheers and smiles, Dorothy May John celebrated her one hundredth birthday with friends and staff at the Kingscliff Cottage on Thursday 24 June, 2021.

Growing up, Dot (as she is known to friends and family) was an avid dancer and as a teen, she could be seen gliding the dance floor at venues such as the Sydney Trocadero, a large art deco dance and concert hall that operated between 1936 and 1971 and once regarded as the most glamorous dance palace in Sydney.

Dot still loves to move to music and is a particularly valued visitor to the Kingscliff Cottage as she often encourages others to join in the dance, showing off her New Vogue and Jazz Waltz steps.

Before marrying, Dot proudly worked on the packing floor at WD & HO Wills Holdings, an Australian tobacco manufacturer, during WWII and fondly remembers writing notes of support and placing them in the cigarette tins for the soldiers to find.

Twenty-seven years ago, Dot and her husband Eric moved from Sydney to Cudgen to be closer to their two children, Alex, and Carolyn.

Dot avidly played bowls at the Cudgen Leagues Club and at 100 years of age, still has a steady hand and keen eye when participating in a range of activities at the Kingscliff Cottage, such as bocci, 10 pin bowling and mini-golf and can be seen guiding others in these games.