Respecting your Privacy

You may be aware that the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 became law on February 23, 2018. This amendment establishes a mandatory data breach notification scheme in Australia that requires all entities subject to the Privacy Act to notify the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner (OAIC) and individuals who may be affected in the event of a data breach.

To put it simply, if someone gains unauthorized access to data stored on Lifebridge Australia’s systems that contains personal and sensitive information, Lifebridge Australia is required to notify both the OAIC and the people whose information was accessed.

Lifebridge Australia take privacy very seriously and we have developed various steps to ensure that we protect the personal and sensitive information that we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, interference or disclosure.  If you would like to view our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, please click on the link to download a copy – Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

If you feel that there has been a privacy breach by Lifebridge Australia regarding your personal or sensitive information, please contact Robert Rees, General Manager or Bronwyn Mitchell, CEO on 1800 043 186 as soon as possible.

External complaints regarding privacy concerns can be made in writing only to:

The Privacy Commissioner

Information and Privacy Commission

GPO Box 7011, Sydney NSW 2001

email: [email protected]