Introducing the Lifebridge Quarterly

We are extremely proud to introduce our very first edition of the Lifebridge Quarterly, which supersedes our previous quarterly newsletter.

The Lifebridge Quarterly is our primary publication fashioned to provide you, the reader, with irresistible insight into the Lifebridge Community. Taking a magazine format, the Lifebridge Quarterly comes complete with a fresh design, bold news articles, industry insights, latest community news and most importantly, independent articles written by our customers.

The Lifebridge Quarterly allows you to discover what the Lifebridge community is all about, in a fun and creative way. It takes the amazing things that happen every day at Lifebridge and places them together in highly engaging format for you to enjoy.

In each edition of the Lifebridge Quarterly we will keep you informed of the latest changes within the Disability and Aged sectors, especially during this period of change. There will be feature promotions of our latest innovative community programs and information on how you can participate. There will also be the opportunity for you to read about some of our most aspirational customers and the achievements they are making.

Each edition of the Lifebridge Quarterly is unique and a rare glimpse into the Lifebridge Community. It is also open for input and we welcome your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for inclusion. If you fancy yourself a writer as well, submit an article and tell us what’s on your mind.

Editions of the Lifebridge Quarterly will be made available online and in our offices with copies of each edition posted directly to our customers.

You can view the first edition of the Lifebridge Quarterly below. Happy reading.