MAT19 – a raging success

It is with great delight and pride that the Murwillumbah Art Hub can report that their ‘Uninhibited’ exhibition during the Murwillumbah Art Trail (MAT19) was a raging success.

Over the space of four days, the Murwillumbah Art Hub had over 800 visitors through the doors and they sold over $1,800 worth of art works! The ‘Uninhibited’ exhibition was so popular that they had to extend the opening hours over the weekend in order to keep up with demand!

As always, the public totally embraced our artists’ work with many return customers from last years event. The Art Hub’s reputation for unique and joyous art had obviously spread throughout the community and the MAT19 event as the number of visitors to the gallery was up on last year…even though the event was held over fewer days. Every single one of the delighted visitors to the gallery was blown away by our artists. Many of them commenting that they thought the ‘Uninhibited’ exhibition was the best of MAT19 and that they’d heard people talking about us in other galleries and spreading the word around the event as a must see exhibition.

An internationally recognised artist was enthralled enough to buy one of our artworks and three of our artists received commissions.

As you can imagine, both artists and art staff worked tirelessly in front of house and behind the scenes towards this fabulous event. By the end of the weekend they were absolutely thrilled, suitably exhausted and proud as punch of our artists.

The popularity of our exhibition has continued since the event as word of mouth spreads. People have continued to pop into the gallery on a regular basis and this has resulted in yet more sales, which provides invaluable and priceless PR for our Visual Arts Program that is accompanied by every satisfied customer.

Visitor Quotes from MAT19:

“I’m blown away, everyone should know about this place”

“I look at a lot of art and often just think ’hmmm’ but I look at this stuff and it’s awesome… I can’t believe how talented they all are!”

“It’s just…’s just magical, and it’s very real”

“This is so cool, the best exhibition in the entire event”

“Wow! You seriously just rocked my world”

“I walk past your window everyday and the place just makes me happy”

“This is my absolute favourite exhibition of the whole day. You must be so proud of your artists”

“Your exhibition is very heartfelt and authentic”

“This is absolutely amazing, I’d love to do a class like this”