Post Budget with Treasurer Scott Morrison

A lot has been said about the 2017 Australian Federal Budget and it is vitally important that we are aware of the changes, implications and general state-of-play when it comes to the NDIS and Aged Care Reforms, funding and participant roles.

As we prepare to transition and support our customers through their transition to the NDIS we must keep our finger on the pulse and be aware of all that is happening. This is the best way we can support our participants and provide them with the information and assurances they require.

Earlier this month, CEO Bronwyn Mitchell and General Manager Robert Rees were invited to join a small group of 30 leading business professionals to discuss the Australian Federal Budget and ask questions.

Bronwyn Mitchell stated “In our meeting, I was able to speak directly with Treasurer Scott Morrison and reinforce our commitment to the NDIS and Aged Care reforms as well as discuss concerns and changes.  All points were heard by the Treasurer and we had his assurance that most of the issues had already been identified and were being looked into.”

The opportunity to meet with the Australian Treasurer, NSW Minister for Disability Services and the local member of parliament over the past week has ensured that they are hearing the triumphs as well as the concerns from the people that they are trying to assist and represent.

With reforms as large as the those being introduced through the NDIS and Aged Care there is bound to be adjustments and changes that will need to be made.  It is through constant conversation and feedback that our parliamentarians can learn and understand what is working and what isn’t.  Lifebridge will continue to initiate dialogue with the appropriate people to ensure that we are part of the solution to any problems and are contributing to the success of these historical reforms.

In doing so, we place our participants needs as our highest priority and continually seek to provide them with the services they require most.