Good news for those on the wait list

For those who have been caught in limbo, patiently waiting for additional Home Care Packages to be released, the news from Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison following the 2018-19 Budget will be very welcomed. The Treasurer has made big promises for the Aged Care sector and said the Government would prioritise caring for older Australians.

And to this point, an additional 14,000 Home Care Packages would be released over a four-year period. The announcement of these additional Packages is very welcomed and at Lifebridge we are excited by the commitment given to in-home aged care. With an ageing population it is somewhat comforting to see focus being placed, where it is needed.

In-home services are fundamental for thousands of Australians who require additional support to remain in their homes for longer. This is what we want to achieve; we want elderly Australians independent and able. To be able to live in the homes they’ve established through years of hard work for as long as possible.

Australians are now expected to live almost ten years longer than they were 50 years ago. The additional home care packages from the Government seeks to maximise the opportunities that a longer life brings. And at Lifebridge, we’re proud to be able to support Australians to live at home, for longer.

There are over 100,000 Australians in the queue to receive a Home Care Package and so the commitment to release 14,000 additional  home care packages on top of previous allocations is vital. There is a real need to reduce the wait times for aged individuals, their family members and their carers, so that they can receive the services they need now and not when its too late.

We look forward to being able to support more Australians now and into the future. If you would like more information about what these additional home care packages mean or would like to speak about how this may impact you, please contact Lifebridge on 1800 043 186.

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