Public Holidays and Cancelation of Service

When it comes to Public Holidays and the provision of support, there is still a little bit of confusion as to how it all works. The following information seeks to clarify any confusion. We have also included below the public holiday dates for the rest of the year for your information.

Aged Care Services

  • Aged Care Services group programs do not operate on public holidays.
  • All Aged Care Commonwealth Home Support Services including flexible respite, social support and domestic assistance are cancelled on public holidays.
  • Home Care Package customers can request in-home support services on a public holiday however, these need to be negotiated.

Disability Services

  • Disability Services group programs do not operate on public holidays.
  • The Children’s Respite House and Coral Fern Accommodation houses still operate on a public holiday.
  • Individual service or holiday group activities can be negotiated within NDIS plans during service agreement meetings if budget permits.

It is important that any organised services that fall on a public holiday are confirmed with a Lifebridge Support Coordinator. If you have any further questions regarding public holidays and the provision of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you wish to cancel a Lifebridge service on either a permanent or temporary basis you are to advise the office before 4pm the day prior to the service being undertaken. When the cancellation is temporary, please provide the details of the length of cancellation and the date for service to be recommenced.

Please note in line with the SCHADS Modern Award 2010, we are required to pay our staff for late cancellations. A Lifebridge Support Coordinator will assess when you will be charged late cancellation fee based on the circumstances of cancellation.

As outlined in our service agreements and in line with NDIS guidelines, Lifebridge can charge up to 8 times the cost of service if 24 hours’ notice is not provided.

Public Holidays