Us the Band hit the road

Invited on the strength of their performance at the Cooly Rocks On Festival, Us the Band will be hitting the road on March 4, 2018 to perform at the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival.

The Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest Festival, with a strong reputation for offering “something for everyone’ is a celebration of the Granite Belt region’s produce and booming wine industry and one of Queensland’s longest running and most successful festivals.  Festival organisers are expecting an average of 60,000 people at the festival with promotions of the event covering a target audience of 3.5 million, a fantastic opportunity for Us the Band.

Who are Us the Band?

Formed in 2006, Us the Band have spent many hours perfecting their award winning musical style which includes a mixture of cover versions and original material.  Playing songs from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Gun’s n Roses, The Beatles and other major rock “n” roll legends, Us the Band certainly know how to get the party started and the audience on their feet.  Not one of the band members let their disability’s or mobility stop them for one second.

The band’s motto is it’s not about YOU or ME, it’s about US.  Celebrating teamwork, friendship and inclusion, they have incorporated these values into their original Lifebridge song.

Us the Band are well known in the local community, with quite a few gigs under their belt. They have performed at Cooly Rocks On, Tweed Banana Festival, Kids in Need Yearly celebrations, Tweed Regional Inclusion Day, Night of Abilities and various school fetes. They also busk in the community from time to time.

Us the Band Biography

Nathan Johnston – Lead Vocals

Nathan is well known for his charismatic onstage presence and stage antics. Nathan, who describes himself as a cross between Jack Black and Liberace has always found comfort in performing.
His love of singing and dancing has led him to host multiple events with the end goal of hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Jessica Proellochs – Drums

Jess is an energetic powerhouse on the skins and exudes a sense of passion that is infectious when she plays. With music a huge part of her life, Jess is most happy when she is behind the drumkit belting out the hits one after the other.

Jai Gorton – Guitar and Back Up Vocals

Jai rocks it with his dance moves on stage and often joins Nathan at the mic during their emotionally charged performances. Taking inspiration from such musical greats as Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix, Jai is quite the showman on stage and an absolute delight to watch.

Patrick Scott – Keyboards

Musical prodigy Patrick is a master on the keys and is known for his heartfelt performances. Having music as a key part of his life for a long time, Patrick’s rhythm and enthusiam for what he does really shows when he performs.

James Small – Percussion & Guitar

James sense of passion and determination shines through with every performance and you can just tell he is having the time of his life up there on stage.

Jannah Goodman-Jones – Guitar and Vocal

Jannah, who is also the Manager of the Band looks the part with her flowing locks and rock star glamour. Jannah is supported by various other musically minded Lifebridge staff who often join the band for a jam session.

Michael Ownwill & Chris Hudson

Both Michael and Chris have recently joined the band and both are very skilled musicians. They are both important for the set up and the sound quality and both Michael and Chris assist the band members to learn new and exiting material.