What is a Service Agreement?

What is a NDIS Service Agreement and what is its purpose?

Once you have received your NDIS Plan, you will need to choose your preferred service provider or providers to deliver the supports as detailed in your Plan. A Service Agreement is a written agreement (contract) that exists between you and your provider of choice. Each provider you agree to receive support from will need to provide you with their own Service Agreement.

The purpose of a Service Agreement is to provide a set of rules that you and the provider will adhere to. A schedule of supports should also be attached which will detail the delivery of your supports in accordance with the goals and allocation of funding as outlined in your NDIS Plan.

Service Agreements will vary between each provider, however, there is some key information you should look for in your agreement.

  • You and your service provider’s details
  • You and your provider’s responsibilities
  • Supports that will be provided and at what cost
  • How long the supports are to be provided
  • How to change or end the agreement

Remember a Service Agreement is different from your NDIS Plan and when speaking with Providers about the supports you require you should always take your NDIS Plan. This will help the provider to determine which supports they are able deliver and in the right way.

As a recipient, you have choice and control in the delivery of your supports. This means who provides these supports and how they are delivered. The provider also has choice in how they deliver supports. While there may be some flexibility with the provider as to how each support is delivered, it is also highly likely there will be boundaries surrounding what they can and can’t deliver as well. Each provider can say they are unable to deliver a support if it falls outside of their scope.

It is important that if you are unclear of the details included in your Service Agreement that you do not sign this document. Note, service to a participant can only commence once a Service Agreement is signed. If you have questions about your Service Agreement, query these with your provider for clarify and only sign if you are in agreement.

For more information about Service Agreements, contact Lifebridge on 1800 043 186.

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