Protecting People under the NDIS

Quality and Safe Supports

The NDIS is new to many people and providers alike and while everyone is in a state of learning and change, it is important that we are all informed and educated. At Lifebridge, we are committed to providing transparency about your rights and making sure you understand what you are entitled too as a participant under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
A video published on the website tells a story of Samara and explains how the safety and rights of people with disability are protected under the NDIS in NSW. It details how NDIS participants are entitled to, ‘quality supports’ from their NDIS Provider as well as, the right to expect high standards of service.

For providers under the NDIS, of which Lifebridge is one, we must:

• deliver high quality supports at all times
• protect your privacy
• comply with the laws and regulations that protect participants of the NDIS

We must also be able to show we meet the NSW Disability Standards or a similar standard. The NSW Disability Standards cover a number of different areas including:

• the right to be treated fairly
• being involved and included
• making individual choices
• a way to provide feedback and complaints

As a provider we must also ensure that we are making this process as easy as possible, and that it is not complicated for you to work with us.

At Lifebridge, we encourage you to view this video and understand your rights. If they are not being met, please follow the appropriate channels of feedback.