You've got your NDIS Plan, what now?

You’ve got your NDIS Plan, what now?

Starting your Plan

You’ve just received your NDIS approved plan, so what do you do now? Once your plan has been approved it’s time to begin implementation. But how?

Depending on your situation, there are a number of people who can assist you with implementing your plan and help you to start receiving your supports.

If you are self-managed, you can commence your plan by yourself. Self-managed means you have choice and control over your funds, including paying for supports from service providers. You can begin by contacting your preferred service providers and discussing service areas and supports.

Participants can also work with Local Area Coordinators (LAC). The LAC will aid in setting up your plan and should be the first point of contact. If you have Support Coordination in your NDIS Plan you may also seek assistance from existing service provider relationships and Early Childhood Partners.

Remember you can choose the providers you want to deliver the supports you need. It is also important to note that Service Providers also have choice in how they deliver supports and can say no if it falls outside of their scope. Make sure you are clear on your expectations up front.

Whether you are a Self-Managed participant or not, there are a couple of initial steps we recommend before you start using your plan. These steps will ensure you are getting the most out of it.

  1. Make sure you understand your plan

Understand your plan. Where you are unsure of some of the details, it’s important you ask your LAC for clarification. When you understand your plan, you can then commence its implementation. It’s important to note, that your plan is considered ‘active’ from the day it is approved. This is detailed on the front of your plan. Any existing funding will cease from this date.

  1. Manage your plan online

Participants can view and manage their plan, via the ‘myplace’ website. To access the portal, you will need a myGov account. From here you can link to myplace. Details to ‘myplace’ are included in the letter sent with your plan. Note, the letter includes an activation code that will expire after 10 days. If your code has expired, you will need to contact your planner.

Now that you understand your plan and have your accounts set-up it’s time to being speaking with the people who can support you. These people are either a LAC, a Support Coordinator (if Support Coordination is included in your plan) or your existing provider relationships.

  1. Contacting providers

Your LAC or Support Coordinator can assist you with contacting service providers to set up your services and supports. If you want to continue using your existing service provider, you will need to let them know that you have an approved NDIS plan, so they can set up a Service Agreement.

Once you have chosen the provider(s) that you want to deliver service it’s time to enter into an agreement.

  1. Enter into a Service Agreement with preferred service providers

Once you have chosen a provider, you will need to sign a Service Agreement with them. Detailed in your Service Agreement will be the expectations of both you and your provider. It will also outline the terms and conditions of your agreement. In conjunction with the Service Agreement, you will be provided with a Schedule of Supports. This Schedule of Supports will detail how your supports/ services will be delivered. Once you’ve signed a Service Agreement, you can start receiving your NDIS supports.

Read more about Service Agreements.

If you require additional information on how to implement your NDIS Plan, please contact Lifebridge on 1800 043 186.

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