CEO Update April 2018

In our March edition I wrote of a pending major milestone being the implementation of our new Customer Management System. I am delighted to advise that Disability Services has successfully transitioned to the new system which will continue to deliver positive changes in our operations and processes and deliver considerable benefits to our customers.

While implementation has initially been with Disability Services, Aged Care Services will also transition in the coming months. I’m confident this too, will be a seamless transition with little to no disruption to daily services.

Another major milestone achieved this month was the successful transition of Disability Services from our Caloola premises, home since December 2014, to our new community integrated Hubs model. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from customers, carers and the community alike who have all embraced the change and provided us with wonderful accounts of customers selling their artwork, successfully navigating the public transport system and enthusiastically participating in performance events at Seagulls to name but a few.

I’m also excited to share a new program of ours along with our brand new promotional video, ‘Move to the Groove’. This fantastic video captures the Groovers as they do their warm up Tai Chi before dancing to upbeat contemporary jams. Participants support each other as they learn the steps, have a laugh and get moving. Check out the full story and video online.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you again for your ongoing support of Lifebridge. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition and transform our business to ensure its viability and sustainability. We are all working extremely hard to ensure our success in to the future.