Litterally Impacted

Litterally Impacted

Participants of the Lifebridge Multi Media and Photography Groups, with the assistance of Julie Lowe Photo and Film, have produced, directed and starred in their very own short film entitled “Litterally Impacted”.  The film highlights the impact of litter on our precious environment and how we, as individuals, can help to combat this growing problem.

“We have been disgusted at what rubbish we have been picking up in our local area. Plastic straws, plastic cups, takeaway containers and other pollutants that most people don’t know end up in our waterways and kill our local wildlife”

The group felt so strongly about this growing problem in our community that they decided to take action.  With their newfound skills in photography, photography editing, videoing and video editing the film “Litterally Impacted” was born.  Under the direction of Lifebridge support staff member Julie Lowe (who is a very talented photographer and videographer),  the Multi Media and Photography Group have been going from strength to strength.  When the Multi Media and Photography Group first commenced several years ago at Lifebridge, many of the participants didn’t even know how to use a camera, let alone produce, direct and star in their very own film so this is a major achievement for everyone involved.

The group held an advanced screening of “Litterally Impacted” at our Kingscliff Cottage on Wednesday 3rd July, 2019 and everyone who attended was very impressed indeed with the quality of the film and the message that it conveyed.

“I literally got goosebumps when I first saw the film as I was so proud of what the Multi Media and Photography Group had achieved and I was so impressed with how beautifully this important message was conveyed throughout the film.  So much so, that I too have been cleaning up my local roadside areas – the film had litterally impacted me to do something positive about the litter problem in my local area”.  Denyelle Drury (Communications and IT Officer for Lifebridge)

The film is now available to view on our YouTube Channel – check it out and see for yourself what an amazing job they have done.

If you would like to be a part of our Lifebridge Multi Media and Photography Group, please contact us on 1800 043 186 or email us at [email protected]