Meet Mavis

“The best way for me to describe Lifebridge and how it makes me feel is, comfortable.” Said Mavis. A feeling that is very important and essential to her well-being.

Mavis has been with Lifebridge since 2004. “I joined Lifebridge because they were able to meet my needs, where other providers were not. I wanted to be active in the community, socialise with peers and most of all I wanted to maintain my independence”. She said.

Mavis lives with her daughter, her partner, and her two granddaughters. She has a separate dwelling from the house which includes her very own art studio. Mavis dislikes being stuck indoors and gets frustrated with her inability to get out and about. Mavis is in a wheelchair and her residence is at the top of a hill, which means she is isolated from the community. To be involved in the community, was a primary goal for Mavis, and just one of the reasons why Mavis chose Lifebridge.

With Lifebridge, Mavis can enjoy her independence and freedom. She enjoys going to the shops, loves meeting new people and always loves lending a hand to help others.

Lifebridge supports Mavis to:
• Do her weekly shopping
• Learn how to use the iPad
• Maintain connection with her community
• Showering

Each week, on Mavis’ jaunt to the shops she comes prepared with her list of groceries all ready to go. There is absolutely no time for ‘dilly-dallying’. She’ll do her groceries, enjoy a cup of coffee and some lunch, and always tries to sneak in a few visits to the local op shops.

Mavis has a great sense of humour and loves chatting with other people. She participates in various groups at the cottage and also attends group outings. When Mavis is not being the social butterfly, she is learning how to use the iPad so she can send emails to her granddaughters.

In her spare time, Mavis loves painting and is quite the artist. Mavis is passionate, committed and always willing to give things a go.

Mavis' Story