Kingscliff Office Redesign and Coolangatta Launch

Tradesman, architects and engineers were kept busy by Lifebridge in 2017 and no doubt you would have seen them traipsing through our offices at some point or another. Construction work began at Kingscliff late in the second half of 2017, and the end product an office redesign that supports a mobile workforce, increases cross-departmental communication and collaboration and also a re-design for maximum utilisation.

Coupled with the developments at Kingscliff, work was also undertaken at Griffith St, Coolangatta and in early 2018, our new space will be launched.

It was a sound investment made to redesign the office space at Kingscliff to support the increased mobility of the workforce. Only weeks into the new year, the office space is also proving its practicality, its functionality and its flexibility in staff usage. Major work has been done in the background to equip all Lifebridge staff with the tools they require to perform their roles.

With a change in operating models, and a more mobile workforce, the office space needed to suit the transient nature of staff work practice. These changes are paramount for Lifebridge to achieve sustainable practice, but more importantly they are necessary for Lifebridge to continue delivering exceptional service with increased outputs to all our customers.

These changes foster a workforce that is agile, customer focused, responsive and available, meaning we can spend less time administratively and more time with you. There are still minor additions to be made at Kingscliff and some additional signage to go up, but the site is fully functional. If you see any new faces around the place, please introduce yourselves and say hi we love to have a chat.

Our new space at Griffith Street, Coolangatta will launch in early 2018 and will be the primary location of our dedicated Customer Service Team.  Centrally located within the heart of Coolangatta’s CBD, this office marks our entry into South East Queensland which opens new opportunities for Lifebridge and our customers.

The Customer Service team are focused on ensuring each of our customers have a positive experience with Lifebridge throughout any interaction. They are the brains-trust and your initial point of contact for any queries or concerns you may have. The Customer Service team will begin transitioning across to Griffith Street from late January, and we expect there to be no impact to our customers.

Reception will transition from Caloola shortly after in line with our exit from Caloola in March 2018.