We’re at Murwillumbah

Murwillumbah is a town known to many for its rich history and timeless preservation. Its enviable weather, its alternativeness and its rural atmosphere. The town is home to many wanting to make a change from city-living and home to many talented artists. As of February 1, 2018, Murwillumbah officially opened its doors to Lifebridge who now have a shop front and Murwillumbah Hub at 1, 131 Murwillumbah St, Murwillumbah.

Our Murwillumbah Hub will now become home to the Art, Photography, Crafts, Sensory groups and much more.

In determining the location for our HUB, Murwillumbah was the stand out location. For some time now we’ve been exhibiting art, craft and photography items in the Murwillumbah library and established many friendly and professional relationships within the community. We also have our existing Murwillumbah group, HIP Ideas, who are regularly in the community doing their thing. Combine a welcoming community, our existing relationships and our already known presence and numbers start to weigh heavily in its favour.

But most importantly, did Murwillumbah offer opportunity for our customers to meet their goals? Quite simply, yes. Our customers had expressed that their goal was to be able to sell their art pieces. Additionally, our customers wanted to increase their skills in accessing community supports including travel. A group of customers now meet at Tweed City bus stop and travel together via public transport.

Our new shop front is the ideal spot for our customers to access, display their works of art, integrate with the community and achieve their goals. This shop front places our customers right in the heart of the Murwillumbah community, where they can increase their independence.

HIP Ideas which formerly ran at the Community Centre has now transitioned to our Murwillumbah hub as well as our Tuesday and Thursday Art Groups from Caloola. True to the area, the Murwillumbah hub will have a lot of art programs but there’s plenty of other activities happening too including a range of new activities.

Here’s what’s happening at Murwillumbah

If you are in the area and would like to check it out, pop your head in and say ‘hi’. We’d love to show you around our new space and if you’re interested in any of our programs at Murwillumbah please contact us on 1800 043 186 and register your interest. Spaces are filling up quickly.